Awards for 2011

  • Deepti Debas (CoAS Research Expo) first prize in the 'environmental and natural resources' category.
  • IFT Student Product Development Team (Colleen Scott,  Lauren Popescu, Ryan McClafferty, Tabitha Lee, Sarah Mann, Lindsay Wolfe, and Jia Wen) One of 6 finalists in national Student Product Development Competition to be held in New Orleans, LA,  June 11-14.

  • Yeyi Gu (2011 Graduate Exhibition Awards) 2nd place, Health and Life Sciences category.  "Cocoa Supplementation Can Reduce Obesity-Related Inflammation and Body Weight Gain in Obese Mice."
  • Amy Brownschidle (2011 Graduate Exhibition Awards) 3rd place, Health and Life Sciences category. "Dietary Soy Protein Concentrate May Moderate Colon Carcinogenesis in the Azoxymethane/Dextran Sodium Sulfate Mouse Model."
  • Penn State College Bowl Team (Mike Kalaras, Gal Kreitman, Kara Gustafson, Lindsay Wolfe, Colleen Scott, Zach Evanitsky and Jen Updegrove) 2nd place at the North Atlantic Region of IFTSA College Bowl Competition.
  • Elizabeth Beck and Sara Calaman, 2011-2012 Undergraduate Scholarships (Keystone IFT Section).

  • Alex Youst (2011 Undergraduate Student Leadership Award from PSU FIG)

  • Wladir Valderrama (2011 Graduate Student Leadership Award from PSU FIG)

  • John Hayes, 2011 Ajinomoto Award, Outstanding Junior Scientist who is an emerging leader in the field of gustation (Association for Chemoreception Sciences).

  • Tionni Wenrich, 2010 best article in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. Citation: Wenrich TR, Brown JL, Miller Day M, Kelley KJ, Lengerich EJ. Family members' influence on family meal vegetable choices. J Nutr Ed Behav 42, 225-234, 2010.

  • Catherine Cutter, 2011 AMSA Distinguished Extension-Industry Service Award. (American Meat Science Association)

  • Ellen Mahan,  1st place in the second annual Sensory Wiki Student Competition from the Society of Sensory Professionals.