"Breaking the Food Scilence"

A podcast series that aims to publicize the role of food scientists in the modern food system.
USDA National Needs Fellows Minerva Rivera, Michael DiMarzio, and Shannon Glisan

USDA National Needs Fellows Minerva Rivera, Michael DiMarzio, and Shannon Glisan

Modern food scientists range from extension agents assisting local and artisanal producers to product development scientists working in industry to academic scientists working to understand how food interacts with the body. 

The breadth of this discipline often leads to misconceptions about food scientists, who have not historically embraced public relations. 

Personal discussions with food scientists reveal the support they often lend to adapting our food system to meet increasingly diverse consumer demands, as well as their insights and predictions for future challenges facing all things food.

Martin explains how university extension services benefit consumers and help to bolster the economy. The conversation also touches on evolving food safety issues stemming from consumer driven demand for locally produced foods.

Dr. Coupland discusses the current and future directions of food science education, and reflects on some of the important changes he's observed over the course of his career. He also addresses some of the recent media driven controversies in food science.

Charlie sheds some light on cooperative initiatives that are focusing on understanding consumer perceptions of the food system. He details some of the projects the Center for Food Integrity is working on, and explains the history behind the food industry's reluctance for transparency.

This interview focuses on the current state of the Pennsylvania wine industry, the challenges it faces, and the role of food science in supporting continued growth. Denise also addresses some common misconceptions about wine.

Dr. Dudley takes us on a deep dive into some of the research projects his lab is working on to better understand foodborne pathogens. He also shares some insights into the current funding climate for academic research, and the challenges that lie ahead to continue improving the safety and security of our food system.