Technical Requirements

Most computers have no problem meeting the minimal technical requirements to start this course. But you should check just to make sure.

The table below lists the technical requirements for your computer. Compare it with the settings on your computer.

Operating System
Windows 98 or higher
Macintosh OS 9 or higher 

500 MHz or higher

256 MB of RAM or higher 


  • Windows :
    Firefox 1.0.7 or
    Internet Explorer 6.0
    Mozilla 1.7.12
    Netscape 8 AOL
  • Mac OS X
    Firefox 1.0.7 or
    Mozilla 1.7.12
  • America Online (AOL): Log on to AOL, then use a recommended browser to access ANGEL. AOL users should upgrade to the latest version or connect through AOL and then use one of the browsers listed above.

56 kbps or higher speed 

Graphics-capable inkjet or laser printer desirable but not required 
Sound Card
desirable but not required 

Monitor/Video Card
15" monitor; SVGA or better (1024 X 768, 16-bit graphics)
You will also need certain software installed and cookie settings configured correctly. Click on each of the links below and follow the directions to make sure your computer is ready:

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader (some course materials are in PDF format)
2. JavaScript (required for interactive features)
3. Flash (required for interactive features)
4. Cookies (cookies keep track of your progress)

Free software download sites:
Acrobat Reader [Download from Adobe]

Adobe Flash Player [Download from Adobe]