Marysabel Mendez Acevedo

  • Bugs in my Food Fellow
Marysabel Mendez Acevedo

Supported by USDA-funded project Research and Professional Development in Food Safety for Undergraduates from Non-Land Grant Institutions.

Marysabel recently graduated from the University of Puerto Rico Aguadilla Campus in a Biology program with a concentration in Biomedics. In her freshman year, she has developed curiosity and concern for the food safety and pathogen control. She pursued research involving the characterization and identification of Sthaphylococcus aureus isolated from public areas. She will start a Masters degree program in Science and Food Technology at the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez campus in Fall 2018, which will allow her to continue studying todays food sources from physical, microbiological, and chemical aspects. During her research visit at Penn State, she is characterizing a putative new species of Bacillus cereus group.