Engaging with Consumers to Focus Food Science

Sarah Kirkmeyer, PhD, Insights Now, Inc.

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February 27, 2020, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


252 Erickson Food Science Building

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Developing consumer empathy is needed in food science to ensure development efforts are driving in the right direction.  We have the opportunity to provide innovation and delight consumers through new products for their unmet needs and reformulated products that meet or exceed expectations.  Thus, Consumer Insights lives at the intersection of the consumer and product, and we can employ consumer and sensory research tools to ask unbiases questions and listen to the answers.  Then, we interpret the qualitative and quantitative information by making connections and gleaning in-depth actionable consumer insights to support key business and research objectives.

In 2019, FDSC 516 was introduced as a new graduate course in Consumer Insights.  The course covers leading-edge qualitative, quantitative and hybrid research approaches to assess values, opinions and beliefs of consumers.  Consumer Insights is extremely relevant for students with a strong technical background to understand, appreciate and leverage consumer feedback.

This seminar will highlight the importance of consumer insights, discuss key approaches and demonstrate how we can apply consumer research to food science objectives through market product examples.