Giving to the Department

Penn State’s Department of Food Science has a long-standing tradition of helping the food processing and manufacturing industry remain strong through research, outreach, and education programs.

Food processing and manufacturing is important to our nation’s economy. That importance is felt keenly in Pennsylvania, where the industry ranks as the largest in the Northeast and among the top five in the country.

The new Food Science Building has enhanced our ability to provide:

  • a source of well-trained employees;
  • access to scientists who can assist with operational, quality, food safety, and regulatory issues;
  • technology transfer, continuing education, and extension education programs for employees;
  • innovative research to identify new product opportunities and improve the industry.

However, rising costs of tuition and the economic downturn have made it increasingly difficult to compete for top students with competitor universities. Every year, we lose bright, talented students because they can't afford to attend Penn State. Others work multiple jobs while carrying a full course load, and yet students are graduating with an average debt burden of over $18,000. We want to continue to provide an affordable public university education for students interested in food science. Your support of endowed Food Science undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships will help ensure our continued success and future.

Endowed undergraduate scholarships:

  • Lessen student loan debt, particularly for low-income students.
  • Reward academic achievement.
  • Help the University recruit the nation's top high-school students.
  • Enable students to seize unique educational opportunities, such as international study.

Penn State graduate students are tomorrow's leaders in education, business, science, engineering, the arts, and other professions. At Penn State, doctoral students collaborate with faculty on research while serving as instructors and mentors to undergraduate students. Advancements in promising areas of knowledge that are the future of the colleges, the University, and the nation begin with graduate students.

  • Graduate fellowships provide indispensable financial support that assists Penn State in its efforts to recruit the brightest students and allows those students to focus even more intensively on their studies.
  • Graduate research awards assist graduate students as they develop research projects that have the potential to transform their fields. In addition, the continued future and success of the Department of Food Science rests with our ability to compete for faculty who will lead us in institutional excellence.
  • Endowed chairs and professorships not only provide honor and recognition for the men and women who hold them but also provide something more important: a stable, dependable source of income for special teaching and research materials, library acquisitions, salary supplements, and travel assistance.

How Can I Help?

University development officers are ready to work with you and your financial advisers to explore a number of financial options and determine the most appropriate gift level and the most beneficial gift vehicle. 

For more information, please contact our college’s Development Office.

If you have any questions about making a gift to the department, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Professor and Head of Food Science


Areas of Expertise

  • Microbiology
  • Dairy Products Processing