Undergraduate Majors and Minors

Harness science to make better food.

The Department of Food Science is Penn State's home for the emerging technologies and best practices of making nutritious, safe, and delicious food and beverages.

The possibilities are vast and varied with the Food Science major. Some of our students go on to graduate or professional school, but most take on careers as sensory analysts, food microbiologists, food and flavor chemists, managers of food processing operations, and more. They work in industry, research and development, government, higher education, and health. Graduates also take advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities to create or join new food business ventures.


Food Science Major
The Food Science program is ideal for students who are passionate about food and fascinated with the rigor of science. Classes are hands-on and reflect the changing demands of the global food supply network. Students join faculty in conducting pioneering research in food chemistry, food choice and consumer behavior, food engineering and processing, and food microbiology.