Knabel Recognized by Gamma Sigma Delta Chapter for Research Excellence

Posted: April 4, 2017

Dr. Stephen J. Knabel was recognized for Research Excellence by Gamma Sigma Delta chapter on March 30, 2017 during the “Celebration of Excellence Event” held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Penn State Chapter of Gamma Sigma Delta.
Image: Steve Knabel

Image: Steve Knabel

On March 30, 2017  the College of Agricultural Sciences Gamma Sigma Delta chapter presented the Research Excellence award to Dr. Stephen J. Knabel.

Dr. Stephen Knabel completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in Food Technology at Iowa State University.  Dr. Knabel, along with his many colleagues, have developed novel methods for the detection, tracking and control of food-borne pathogens. Detection methods have included the development of novel selective enrichment strategies and novel molecular methods. Novel tracking methods have included the development of novel DNA sequence-based methods such as multi-virulence-locus sequence typing (MVLST), prophage typing and CRISPR typing for the detection of epidemic clones and outbreak clones of various foodborne pathogens. Novel methods of controlling foodborne pathogens have included the development of various chemical methods for destroying food-borne pathogens, as well as the use of high pressure processing.  Dr. Knabel has also studied factors that affect the resistance of pathogens to these processes, including growth temperature, growth phase, heat shock and most recently, the formation of persister cells.  Many of his discoveries are now used in academia, industry and government to detect, track and control food-borne pathogens and thus enhance the safety of various foods.