Undergraduate Student Projects

Current research projects by undergraduate students

Caitlin developed interest in food microbiology through activities in FDSC 409 Laboratory in Food Microbiology. She joined the lab to do independent research relevant to food industry. She is working on a project that investigates the effects of roasting on inactivation of foodborne pathogens on cocoa beans. Through her project she aims to generate data that can be utilized by the industry to meet regulatory food safety requirements.

Meg's project is focused on investigating persister physiology in bacteria. In summer 2018, Meg will work on a water safety research and extension in a frame of the CONSERVE project.

Hephzibah is interested in research studies that contribute greatly to improved public health.

Sarah is evaluating the antimicrobial effects of infrared treatment of cocoa.

Thomas is working on evaluating Bacillus cereus group microorganisms from food and food processing environments as potential reservoirs of transmissible antimicrobial resistance genes (AMRg). He is using whole genome sequence data to identify AMRg and investigate their associations with phenotypic susceptibility.

The main project on which I am currently working concerns the fluoroquinolone resistance in Campylobacter jejuni over time as a result of changes in agricultural use of antimicrobials. Antimicrobial-resistant Campylobacter jejuni presents a microbial threat to human health, to agriculture, and to further development of other resistant organisms. The goal of my project is to find evidence that could guide future decision-making regarding antimicrobial use in agriculture.