Food Science Graduate Program

The Department of Food Science at Penn State offers graduate study leading to masters of science and doctor of philosophy degrees.

Our research and education programs integrate the disciplines of chemistry, microbiology, engineering, and nutrition to prepare qualified graduates for food-related careers in industry, government, and academia.

Graduate Degree Programs in Food Science:

The following facts are pertinent to the quality of the academic environment within Penn State:

  1. Doctoral program in Food Science was ranked between 3 and 17 among 31 programs reviewed by National Research Council (NRC) in 2010.
  2. Penn State was ranked 9th in total R&D expenditures in 2008 within Science & Engineering.
  3. Penn State received more research funding from private industry ($75.2 million in fiscal year 2000) than any other public university in the nation.
  4. Penn State was ranked 3rd in 2006-07 Scholarly Productivity Index.
  5. Penn State was ranked 12th in Association of Research Libraries 2004-05 Holdings.

Research Opportunity:

Recruiting new graduate mBiome cohort researching manipulation of microbiomes across the agricultural production chain!

More information available at the Microbiome Center website.

Applications must be made directly to a participating department within the College of Agriculture by December 15th, citing the mBiome cohort program in the cover letter.

For questions regarding this opportunity please contact Jasna Kovac at or Darrell Cockburn at