Extension Programs

Offering current, accurate, and research-based food science information to Pennsylvania and beyond.

Outreach activities connect the resources of the Department of Food Science with our stakeholders in Pennsylvania and beyond. Faculty members with Extension appointments are the primary delivery sources for outreach programs. However, each faculty member seeks to integrate their teaching and research programs in service to food industry professionals and community members.

Beer, Hard Cider, and Distilled Spirits

Perfect your beer, hard cider, and distilled spirits. Sell more products, and expand your knowledge of alcoholic beverage production and marketing best practices.

Commercial Food Processing

Produce safe commercial food products. Stay up to date on foodborne illness outbreaks, regulations, best practices, and more. Market your products and increase profit. Learn about the latest regulations and preventive controls.

Farm Food Safety

Properly store and handle your farm food, learn about produce safety regulations, develop a food safety plan, and follow good agricultural practices.

Food Entrepreneurs

Are you looking to start a new food business? Are you an existing business looking for information on how to maximize your profitability? This site will lead you to business, regulatory, and food technology resources to consider when starting a new business or maintaining your existing business.

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

Learn what Penn State Extension is doing to address the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and provide industry with resources and training to navigate the regulations.

Food Service and Retail

Uncover content to help you safely prepare and handle food. Prevent cross-contamination, foodborne illness, and kitchen pests. Safely and effectively cook for crowds.

Home Food Safety

Explore educational content to help you with canning, freezing, cooking, and food storage. Find step-by-step instructions and recipes through our Let's Preserve series. Help your family avoid foodborne illness and pests.

Nutrition, Diet, and Health

Put health first. Uncover how you and your family can maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. Manage your weight, prevent diseases, and care for your family.

Wine Production

Improve your wine, stand out from the competition, and sell more products. Discover the best practices around grape production, winemaking, winery management, and more.

Youth Resources

Food science experiments, activities, lesson plans, and other educational materials for students and teachers.