Intro to Descriptive Analysis Short Course

This workshop addresses everything you need to know about descriptive analysis. The first day and a half will focus on what, why, and how to conduct descriptive analysis. The optional last half day will feature a Compusense data workshop covering panelist assessment and training using their Feedback Calibration Method and Descriptive Analysis Workbook.

The course is delivered in a classroom and laboratory environment and includes a mixture of theory, demonstrations, and laboratory activities.

At the completion of the course participants will know:

  • When and how to use descriptive analysis to answer your research questions
  • The fundamentals of expert panel leadership including lexicon development and managing panelist dynamics
  • How to recruit panelists and maintain a top-performing panel
  • How to analyze descriptive analysis data and the most impactful ways to report results

Who should attend this course:
Individuals who are new to descriptive analysis or who are experienced in descriptive analysis but would like to take their skills to the next level.

Event Information and Registration