Department of Food Science

The Department of Food Science in the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Food Science.

Food Science News

Penn State Berkey Creamery hosts annual creamery managers conference
July 17, 2019
The Penn State Berkey Creamery served up valuable information and a bit of fun — ice cream included, of course — to colleagues when it recently hosted the annual University Creamery Managers Conference.
College of Agricultural Sciences trains Ethiopians to detect dairy pathogens
June 27, 2019
A two-week training on foodborne pathogen detection methods, focused on dairy, will help educators and government agencies in Ethiopia ensure the safety of dairy products in that country.
Milk: Best drink to reduce burn from chili peppers
June 27, 2019
People who order their Buffalo wings especially spicy and sometimes find them to be too "hot," should choose milk to reduce the burn, according to Penn State researchers, who also suggest it does not matter if it is whole or skim.
Vanilla makes milk beverages seem sweeter
June 21, 2019
Adding vanilla to sweetened milk makes consumers think the beverage is sweeter, allowing the amount of added sugar to be reduced, according to Penn State researchers, who will use the concept to develop a reduced-sugar chocolate milk for the National School Lunch Program.
Sensing food textures is a matter of pressure
June 13, 2019
Food's texture affects whether it is eaten, liked or rejected, according to Penn State researchers, who say some people are better at detecting even minor differences in consistency because their tongues can perceive particle sizes.

Upcoming Events

Fundamentals of HACCP-University Park, PA
When: August 21-22, 2019
Where: University Park, PA
Preventive Controls for Human Foods Certification Workshop - University Park, PA
When: August 27-29, 2019
Where: University Park, PA
Cultured Dairy Products Short Course
When: September 24-26, 2019
Where: Erickson Food Science Building, University Park