Penn State’s College of Agriculture provides a variety of resource publications to the public on a number of topics, including nutrition and gardening. Titles include Nurturing and Nutrition, Eating for Life, Herbs for the Home Gardener, and Home Storage of Fruits and Vegetables. Some of the resources may be obtained for free. For individual publication descriptions and information on how to order, go to

  • Portable Kitchen Assembly guide - gives directions on how to store common kitchen items in a small space. The plan can be used by nutrition education professionals who travel to give demonstrations, as well as in small apartments and for camping. For more information, contact J. Lynne Brown at 814-863-3973,
  • Wellness Road Map - is a series of four lessons about physical wellness that can be presented as learn-at-home or correspondence lessons or at group meetings. The target audience for these lessons is people over age 40. These are available for free at
  • What's new in the Supermarket - is a Nutrition Facts resource booklet that contains the scripts and visuals for eight presentations that help people understand and use the Nutrition Facts panel introduced by the 1990 Nutrition Education and Labeling Act. For more information, contact J. Lynne Brown at 814-863-3973,
  • Nutrition Resource web site - online fact sheets and other publications. It also has links to many other nutrition websites, making us a great place to begin searching for information on any nutrition-related topic. It also has a library of food and nutrition materials consisting of books, journals, and audiovisuals covering a broad range of topics from children's literature to technical nutrition information.