Industrial food scientists are needed in food quality management, processing, research and development, marketing, and distribution.

Food Science offers students hands-on, real-world careers in applied science and technology.

Employment can be found with companies that manufacture retail food products as well as companies supporting food manufacturers by supplying food ingredients, processing equipment, and packaging materials or providing services related to institutional feeding. Technical and administrative positions are also available in various government agencies and independent testing laboratories.

Food scientists with an interest in teaching and research may find rewarding scholarly careers in educational institutions.

An academic career usually requires an advanced degree and research specialization in a particular area, such as food chemistry, microbiology, toxicology, engineering, or nutrition.


What Is Food Science?

Do you like to solve real-world problems? Food Science blends biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and nutrition to solve the problems of developing a safe, healthy, and nutritious food supply for people everywhere.

Food Science Opportunities

What can you do as a Penn State Food Science student? Listen to our undergraduate students discuss their internships, networking, and mentoring opportunities as food scientists. Want to study abroad? Find out where our students are applying hands-on science to real-world problems. Are we having fun yet? Learn what the Food Science Club does and how exciting our football tailgates are.

Real-World Science

What can you do with a major in Food Science? Listen to what our Food Science students are doing with their degrees and where they'll be going after graduation. Explore the many opportunities available in food science.

Food Science Scholarships

Food Science students have incredible opportunites for scholarships and financial aid in Penn State's Department of Food Science.

Food Science and Berkey Creamery Ice Cream

See the opportunites our Food Science students have at Penn State. Learn about our state-of-the-art building with cutting-edge research laboratories where our undergraduate students are applying hands-on science to real-world problems. Like ice cream? Who doesn't! See the new Berkey Creamery--home of the world's greatest ice cream--on Penn State's beautiful University Park campus.

The Penn State Creamery, From Cow to Cone

Penn State Ice Cream from the Creamery! A tradition for generations of Penn Stater's and their guests. But there's more than meets the eye, or the mouth for that matter. Every cone of 'Peachy Paterno', or cup of 'Death by Chocolate' begins with the cream provided by the cows at Penn State's dairy barns only a short mile north of the Creamery Store. Creamery Ice Cream represents the University's agricultural roots, and remains today a symbol of Penn State pride. From the Cow to the Cone!