Donations are gratefully accepted from interested individuals, organizations, foundations, or corporations and can be designated as immediate support or to be added to the endowment that has been created for the Center.

Grants and Contracts

Grants and contracts to support specific faculty to conduct designated projects are also encouraged.

How the funds will be used

Funds will be used for on-going activities including: graduate student support, operational expenses, and support for an annual Healthy Lion Lecture.

Benefits to the University, the public and supporters

  • Building and preserving, in perpetuity, a unique center of excellence.
  • Sponsors will be acknowledged on the website and will be invited to the annual special seminar.
  • Formal and informal interaction between faculty, staff, students and sponsors in variety of venues.
  • Building of human capital (mostly graduate students) that will be future scientists and potential employers.
  • Two-way educational opportunities and collaborations.
  • Possible collaborative, government-funded, research projects between center faculty and interested parties.
  • Possible proprietary research projects and access to intellectual property by interested parties.