Paul S. Dimick, Ph.D.

Paul S. Dimick, Ph.D.

  • Professor Emeritus of Food Science


  • Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D. Dairy Science/Biochemistry, 1964.
  • M.S., University of Vermont, M.S. in Dairy Science, 1960.
  • B.S., University of Vermont, B.S. in Dairy Manufacturing, 1958.

Teaching and Research Interests

Paul taught 14 courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, of which he developed seven. His major teaching responsibility was food chemistry and cacao science and technology. He conducted research on the origin of flavor constituents in food with an emphasis on bovine lipid metabolism; photochemical effects on milk flavor and nutrients; cocoa production and processing; and lipid crystallization. 

Publications Representative of Research Career

 (157 refereed papers and chapters, 60 invitational symposia, 72 published abstracts)

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