Application Procedures

Application procedures to the Ph.D. program in Food Science for students without a M.S. degree.

New applicants who wish to enter the Ph.D. program with only a B.S. degree or equivalent must submit the following:

  • All information, test scores, and fees currently required for M.S. to Ph.D. applicants
  • A section within the personal statement that describes his/her justification for bypassing the M.S. degree

Current M.S. students who wish to transfer into the Ph.D. program without first completing all M.S. requirements must submit the following:

  • Their original complete M.S. application file A letter written by the student that describes his/her justification for bypassing the M.S. degree
  • A letter from the students adviser
    • The student’s adviser must provide a letter to the Graduate Program and Admissions Committee recommending transfer. This letter would generally be submitted within two semesters after admission of the student into the M.S. program. A second letter of recommendation must also be provided by another faculty member from Penn State supporting the student’s transfer into the Ph.D. program. This letter must be submitted to the Graduate Program and Admission Committee at the same time that the advisor’s letter is submitted. It is suggested that this second letter be provided by a faculty member who has had the student in at least one graduate level course (400 level or above).