Our research at Penn State is focused on precision food safety.

We are integrating next generation sequencing, bioinformatics, epidemiological, molecular and traditional microbiological methods to investigate genetic and environmental factors driving the

  1. Expression of virulence factors;
  2. Evolution of antimicrobial resistance and
  3. Transmission of foodborne pathogens.

We aim to translate the information and knowledge generated through our research projects into practical solutions to increase food safety and security and thereby enhance the sustainability of modern agricultural and food systems.

Precision Food Safety


The mission of our lab is to create environment and resources conducive to

  1. Innovative, productive, responsible and reproducible undergraduate and graduate research with positive societal impact;
  2. Promotion of STEM among women and diversity groups and
  3. Training of a new generation of food scientists equipped with microbiological and bioinformatics skills and broad understanding of societal challenges related to food safety.


Our lab's values are aligned with the Penn State core values.

Integrity: We act with integrity and honesty in accordance with the highest academic, professional, and ethical standards.

Respect: We respect and honor the dignity of each person, embrace civil discourse, and foster a diverse and inclusive community.

Responsibility: We act responsibly, and we are accountable for our decisions, actions, and their consequences.

Discovery: We seek and create new knowledge and understanding, and foster creativity and innovation, for the benefit of our communities, society, and the environment.

Excellence: We strive for excellence in all our endeavors as individuals, an institution, and a leader in higher education.

Community: We work together for the betterment of our University, the communities we serve, and the world.


Kovac lab co-authors are indicated in bold type; corresponding author is indicated with *.


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Before 2015

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FD SC 409 - Laboratory in Food Microbiology (Fall semester)

FDSC 497 - Foodborne Pathogen Genomic Epidemiology (Spring semester)

FDSC/INTAG 460 - Food Production in Italy (study abroad; Spring break)