Posted: November 21, 2008

Stuart Patton

Stuart Patton

Stuart Patton of La Jolla, Ca. has been adjunct professor in both the Department of Neurosciences at the University of California-San Diego and in the food and nutrition program at San Diego State University. He is known internationally for his research and teaching in the fields of milk chemistry and biological processes that regulate milk synthesis in the mammary gland.

He received a bachelor's degree in dairy husbandry from Penn State in 1943 and went on to earn a master's and doctorate from Ohio State University. In 1949, he joined the dairy science faculty at Penn State, and in 1966, he became the College of Agricultural Sciences' first Evan Pugh Professor.

Since retiring from Penn State, he has continued to publish actively in scientific journals. Patton holds memberships in numerous professional societies and has received several awards during his distinguished career.

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