• Dr. Josephine Wee, 20/21 Anna and Guy Bixler Memorial Award in Food Science.
  • Dr. John Coupland, 2021 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Excellence in Education Award in Honor of William V. Cruess for excellence in teaching food science and technology.
  • Dr. John Hayes was selected to receive the 2021 IFT  Sensory and Consumer Sciences Achievement Award which recognizes excellence within the field of sensory and consumer sciences.
  • Dr. Robert Chiles, 2021 Roy C. Buck Faculty Award in the College of Agricultural Sciences.
  • Dr. Catherine Cutter, 2021 LaMarr Kopp International Achievement Award.
  • Dr. Robert Beelman, Paper of the Month for February 2021 in Journal of Nutritional Science. Is ergothioneine a ‘longevity vitamin’ limited in the American diet?
  • Yvonne Longnecker and Sarah Olson, Acceptance to Agriculture Future of America (AFA) Food Institute.
  • Tyler Yany, Elisabeth Weir, Kai Kai Ma, Kayla Finkelstein, and Brianna Watson, Acceptance to the 2021 PMCA Student Outreach Virtual Program.
  • Kayla Finkelstein and Sabrina Yushinski, Accepatance as Student Scholars for the Virtual 2021 Consumer Food Safety Education Conference.  Madalyn Arthur also attended the conference.
  • Heidi Menci, Honors Schreyer College and Food Science freshman, poster session at the 3rd INTAD Global Gallery.
  • Matthiew Haines, 2nd place, Undergraduate Division, Human and Behavior & Social System Category, Dietary Behavior, Gustatory and Olfactory Function in a University Student Population. Gamma Sigma Delta Poster Competition.
  • Anjali Sapre and Jared Pavock, 1st Place (Tie) Undergraduate Division, Plant System Category, Utilizing broth microdilution and macrodilution for validation of the results of novel rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing method based on dynamic laser speckle imaging. Gamma Sigma Delta Poster Competition.
  • Stiphany Tieu, 2nd Place, Graduate Division Food Science Category, Effect of heat-induced, pH-dependent micellar changes on the sol-gel transition in skim milk. Gamma Sigma Delta Poster Competition.
  • Tara Pickens 1st Place, Graduate Division, Microbiology/Microbiomes Category, Characterization of resistant starch degrading machinery expressed by microbes in the human gut. Gamma Sigma Delta Poster Competition.
  • Taejung Chung, 3rd Place Graduate Division, Microbiology/Microbiomes Category, Comparing the Performance of Multiple Machine Learning Methods for Prediction of Salmonella Contamination in Surface Water Based on Water Microbiome Data. Gamma Sigma Delta Poster Competition.
  • Jennifer Goza, 1st place poster award at the 16th Weuman Flavour Research Symposium.
  • Alayna Faison, 1st place, Elevator Pitch Contest, Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS).
  • Kayla Finkelstein, Yvonne Longenecker, and the Food Science Leadership Team of Sarah Olson, Leah Bodinger, Leah Ward, Chris Talarico, Katelyn Feaster, Sabrina Yushinski, Rebecca Cimino, Avery Geiger, Samantha Moorehead and Kayla Finkelstein, The National Association of Flavors and Food-Ingredient Systems (NAFFS) Student Awards.
  • Tyler Chandross-Cohen, 2021 Virginia Dare Award.
  • Jennifer Goza, 2021 Food Industry Group Graduate Leadership Award.
  • Leah Bodinger, 2021 Judith A. Williams Food Industry Group Undergraduate Student Leadership Award.
  • Beth Tepsic, 2021 Ella Reagle Staff Assistant Award, College of Agricultural Sciences.

Department of Food Science


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