• Dr. Jasna Kovac, promoted to Associate Professor of Food Science.
  • Dr. Robert Roberts, 2023 IFT Fellow.
  • Dr. Jasna Kovac, IFT, 2023 Outstanding Young Scientist Award in honor of Samuel Cate Prescott.
  • Dr. Catherine Cutter, selected as Fellow of the International Association for Food Protection. 
  • Dr Catherine Cutter, 2023 Gamma Sigma Delta Research Award.
  • Brittani Bedford, selected as Sloan Scholar within the Sloan Scholars Program.
  • Dr. Sigler, NACADA 2023 Region Two Excellence in Advising Faculty Advisor Certificate of Merit.
  • Dr. Edward Dudley, elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology. 
  • Dr. Jasna Kovac, 2023 Advancing a Global Penn State Early Career Faculty Award, PSU.
  • Brittani Bedford, FSIS Food Safety Fellow through the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) program.
  • Marin Bucknavage, appointed to governor's advisory committee of the new Pennsylvania Food Policy Council.
  • Songyi Yoo, Kai Kai Ma, Cynthia Loi, and Bridget Reed, accepted into PMCA Student Outreach Program.
  • Anna Sarubbi, Gamma Sigma Delta Undergraduate Division, 1st Place Food Systems Division. Title:  “The effect of spore germination triggers on the germination of Bacillus cereus sensu stricto spores.” 
  • Laura Taraboletti, Gamma Sigma Delta Undergraduate Division, 1st Place, Human Behavioral & Social Systems. Tilte: “Comparison of techniques to remove smoke off-odors from books."
  • Cynthia Loi, Gamma Sigma Delta Graduate Division, 1st Place, Food Systems Division. Title: “Olfactory inputs modulate the perceived tastes of different types of chocolate.”
  • Tyler Chandross-Cohen, Gamma Sigma Delta Graduate Division, 1st Place, Microbiology & Microbiome Systems Division. Title: “Growth Potential of Bacillus Cereus Group Strains From Different Phylogenetic Groups in a Dairy Food Model."
  • Leah Bodinger, Gamma Sigma Delta Undergraduate Division, 2nd Place, Food Systems Division. Title: “Effects of Sodium Citrate on Almond Proteins for Almond-Based Beverage Products."
  • Soomee Hwang, Gamma Sigma Delta Graduate Division, 2nd Place, Food Systems Division. Title: “Comparative urine metabolomics of mice treated with non-toxic and toxic oral doses of (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate."
  • Rose Spahn and Songyi Yoo, Undergraduate students inducted in Gamma Sigma Delta.
  • Marjorie Jauregui, PSU Graduate Exhibition, 3rd Place DEI Award,“Evaluation of the effects of growing and drying conditions on the nutritional and phytochemical composition of emergency foods in a post-nuclear war scenario,” co-presented by Swathi Kothattil.

Department of Food Science


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