• Jasna Kovac, Early Achievement in Research Award, College of Agricultural Sciences.
  • Dr. Chris Sigler, 2021-2022 Community of Excellence in Advising Award, College of Agricultural Sciences.
  • Dr. Chris Sigler, 2022 Excellence in Academic Advising Award, College of Agricultural Sciences.
  • Dr. Helene Hopfer, Promoted to Associate Professor.
  • Dr. Robert Chiles, Promoted to Associate Professor.
  • Dr Kathleen Keller, Promoted to Professor.
  • Dr. Gregory Ziegler, selected to receive title of "Distinguished Professor of Food Science."
  • Brittani Bedford, 2022 USDA/FSIS Research Participation Program.
  • Brittani Bedford, 2022 Graduate School Endowed Fellowship, College of Agricultural Sciences.
  • Daphne Weikart, NIFA Predoctoral Fellowship for project on "Anti-inflammatory Effects of Cocoa Polyphenols in Obesity Models."
  • Elisabeth Weir, Kayla Finkelstein, Tyler Yany, and Nixon Meneses-Marentes, accepted into 2022 PMCA Student Outreach Program.
  • Sharon Nieves-Miranda, 2022 USDA Food Safety Inspection Service Food Safety Fellow.
  • Aaron Wiedemer, Gamma Sigma Delta Undergraduate Division, 3rd place Micro-Food Systems. Title: Boy, that doesn’t stink!  The Effect of Roasting and Cacao Origin on Important Sulfur Compounds in Chocolate.
  • Anjali Sapre, Gamma Sigma Delta Undergraduate Division, 2nd place Micro-Food Systems. Title: A Preliminary Evaluation of the Performance of RNase H2-dependent PCR (rhAmpSeq) for Resistome Characterization in a Complex Sample.
  • Tyler Chandross-Cohen, Gamma Sigma Delta Undergraduate Division, 1st place Micro-Food Systems. Title: Isolation, Characterization, and Application of Anti-listerial Isolates in a Raw Milk Cheese Model to Inhibit Listeria monocytogenes.
  • Christopher Pedone, Gamma Sigma Delta Undergraduate Division, 1st Place Plant-related. Title: Reduction of Salmonella on Rainbow Chard Seeds Due to Planar Atmospheric-Pressure Dielectric-Barrier-Discharge Treatment.
  • Laura Rolon, Gamma Sigma Delta Graduate Division, 1st place Micro-Food Systems. Title: Two-Year Monitoring of Environmental Microbial Communities in Three Apple Packing Facilities and their Association with the Presence of Listeria monocytogenes.
  • The Unbaked Flour Co. a startup by Hannah Carney, Peter Demartino, Andrew
    Paff, and Tara L. Pickens - 1st place award in the 2022 Ag Springboard Competition, $7500 to launch the company.
  • Elisabeth Weir, Dennis L. Zak Ph.D. Memorial Education Award, PMCA
  • Kayla Finkelstein, Nixon Menese-Marentes, Elisabeth Weir, and Tyler Yany, selected to participate in 2022 PMCA student Outreach Program.
  • Leah Bodinger and Madalyn Arthur, Keystone IFT Scholarships.

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