Creamery Ice Cream Mix Production Sheet

Excel spreadsheet used for production and tracking mix inventories.
Microsoft Excel, 33.0 KB


Vanilla Ice Cream Mix Production Sheet

  • Click on second tab labeled “White Mix”.
  • Go to cell C6 and type in the total volume of pasteurized ice cream mix.
  • In cell A12 type in the flavor of ice cream to be made.  Then go to C12
    and type in the numbers of three-gallon containers you want to package.
  • Continue filling in the flavors and volumes as needed, the worksheet will automatically calculate remaining mix and total mix made.  This
     information will be recorded on the master sheet (first tab at bottom). 
    That’s it!

Repeat this same procedure for chocolate mix, no-sugar added, or sherbet. The Ice Cream Production ‘Master Mix Sheet’ is protected. Use only the cells shaded olive-green.  Do not type in the blue or yellow cells.

This mix production program uses 80% overrun in calculating ice cream and frozen yogurt mixes and 35% overrun for sherbet mix.  To change the overrun: go to cell c7 and re-enter desired percent; go to cell(s) E15, E20, E25, E30, E35, E40.  Repeat same procedure for chocolate, frozen yogurt, no-sugar added and sherbet.  Save.