Pilot Plants

The state-of-the-art Food Science Pilot Plants are designed for processing flexibility with an emphasis on product specialization. The facilities are used for teaching, research and industry projects.

The Pilot Plants are ideal for the evaluation of new ingredients, formulations, and processes on a small scale, and for short course laboratories and equipment demonstrations. The facilities can accommodate multiple activities simultaneously. The floor plans are open and most of the equipment is on wheels. The utility stations positioned throughout each plant allow flexibility for short and long term projects.

The Wet Pilot Plant is designed for processing fluid and wet foods,with an emphasis on dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

The Dry Pilot Plant is designed for processing products in a low relative humidity environment, with an emphasis on powders and confectionery products.

The Food Safety Pilot Plant is designed for challenge and validation studies in a controlled environment. It is a CDC BioSafety Level 2 rated facility.

For more information on the Food Science pilot plants, please contact us.