Posted: November 18, 2019

Emma Mills awarded a National Association of Flavors and Food-Ingredient Systems 2019 Scholarship Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement - Congratulations for a well-deserved recognition!

Emma joined the lab as a sophomore in 2018 and has contributed to numerous outreach activities focused on promoting undergraduate research and food microbiology. She served as a teaching assistant in a food microbiology STEM workshop developed for middle school girls, as well as in a summer REEU program in food science for undergraduate students from non-food-science majors. Emma is also supporting multiple undergraduate courses at Penn State by serving as a teaching assistant.

In addition to outreach and teaching contributions, Emma demonstrated outstanding commitment to research. She won a College of Agricultural Sciences Undergraduate Research Award and presented her research on antimicrobial resistance of the B. cereus group at the 2018 Gamma Sigma Delta symposium.

Congratulations, Emma!