Posted: November 15, 2018

Are you interested in learning how to trace foodborne pathogens using whole genome sequences? Join us in a new special topics course FDSC 497 Foodborne Pathogen Genomic Epidemiology in Spring 2019!

With estimated 9.4 million cases of foodborne illness occurring on yearly basis in the U.S. alone, there is an urgent need for improved approaches to foodborne outbreak investigations to effectively limit or prevent such events.

Being able to draw epidemiologically and biologically meaningful information from an ever-growing amount of publicly available genomic sequencing data is critical for the advancement of foodborne pathogen surveillance, food safety and public health, and is valuable also in other fields that benefit from comparative genomics.

The goal of this course is to equip students of food, agricultural and life sciences with epidemiological and bioinformatics skills needed for comparative genomics and interpretation of whole genome sequencing data for foodborne outbreak investigation and beyond.

Course will be taught in an interactive learning space Bluebox (Althouse 101) in Spring 2019.