Barbara Raphael and Donald Josephson Honored as Alumni Fellows in 1999

Posted: November 21, 2008

Barbara Raphael earned a bachelor's degree in science, a master's degree in nutrition and a doctorate in food science from Penn State between 1966 and 1972. She distinguished herself as the first female to receive a graduate assistantship in the department of dairyscience, which then housed the food science program. As vice president of gum and confectionery research and development at Warner Lambert, she is responsible for lab in six countries, and has helped develop and launch such products as Dentyne Ice, Certs Power Mints, Trident, Advantage, Cool Whip Extra Creamy , Budget Gourmet Entrees and many others.

She has been awarded the General Foods President's Award, chaired the General Foods Institute of Technology, and sponsored and initiated a women's network at Warner Lambert that is now supported by the corporation. She has sat on the board of directors of Penn State's College of Health and Human Development Alumni Society, and helped organize the Penn State Professional Women's Networks in New York and New Jersey.

Donald JosephsonDonald Josephson received his bachelor's degree in dairy science from Penn State in 1960. He is a founding partner in Continental Colloids Inc., a recognized leader in developing food stabilizers and emulsifier blends for dairy and food manufacturer's in North America and abroad. He is a board member of the Institute of Dairy Foods Association and a member of the Institute of Food Technologies. Josephson is also a member of Penn State's President's Club, the Nittany Lion Club and the Food Industry Group. He is a contributing member to the Bryce Jordan Center.